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About Us


The CaddyRack design has grown and evolved over the years.

Our original designs focused on the organising the clubs to improve speed and comfort during play. The latest version has added our new passion – protection of the golf clubs.

Golf clubs are becoming more and more expensive subsequently the drive to protect these prize possessions has increased. Our latest CaddyRack golf bag helps you fulfil this need, no more will bag clatter cause damage to your clubs. This will keep them looking good and increase resale value !

Customer Support


We want to improve your enjoyment of the game of golf !


Design is our inspiration, we spent time re-designing the golf bag to perfectly meet the needs of you and your golf clubs.


We are passionate about the golf bag we have designed and created.

Due to a true belief that this bag achieves our mission of improving your enjoyment of the game of golf.


We are not a big brand company

This allows us to show total customer support, when you buy from us you are becoming part of our CaddyRack family and we promise to always put you first.

Loved by people worldwide

We make things happen! We’ve have sold Golf bags to people all over the world. The feedback has been amazing, often it is the simplicity and user friendliness of our design that people comment on.

The big brands are developing bags that stay comfortably within the traditional golf bag design. We at CaddyRack are challenging that standard and asking what makes sense for the end users.

Our golf bags put golf club protection, organisation and ease of use at the front of the design because our surveys tell us that these are the things you value most in a golf bag.

Get the most from your bag and buy a CaddyRack golf bag today !

About CaddyRack

CaddyRack is a Golf Bag design and development company. We specialise in innovative golf bags. Our key feature is the CaddyRack Pro Iron rack that holds the Irons perfectly still thus helping to protect and organise your clubs

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